How do I join your club or get started in archery?     (New to the sport)

To join SALT or any other archery club you will need to have completed an archery beginners course first. This is so that the club know that you have learnt all the necessary safety rules along with having good basic shooting technique. Our courses are run by Shenley Leisure Centre and consist of 5 or 6 sessions once a week every Sunday evening from 5.30-7pm. You can check our beginners page for a list of course dates and contact details for the leisure centre.

What happens once I've done the beginners course?

Once the beginners course is completed, and you have been given your certificate, you are then able to join an Archery club. If you wish to join SALT, then just come along and see us on a Sunday at one of our club shoots and we'll give you an application form. 

I have a child who is interested - what's the minimum age?

Can I leave them to shoot and then collect them at the end?

The minimum age for juniors enrolled onto the beginners course is over 8 years old depending on their size and build. Due to the Archery GB Child Protection policy, the club asks that all juniors under the age of 16 must have an adult (parent or guardian) with them at club shoots and tournaments.


Will I be insured if I join the club? Explain Archery GB fee, is it expensive?

SALT is affiliated to the Archery GB (Grand National Archery Society). Archery GB is the governing body for the sport of archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. When you join the club, you will need to pay a membership fee to Archery GB in order to be registered and insured to shoot. You also need to pay fees for County & Region.


How soon should I buy my own shooting equipment?

It's not a good idea to rush out and buy your own equipment straight after completing the beginners course. This is because your technique is still in it's early development and you could buy a bow which does not suit you, and more importantly could cause injury if to heavy. This especially applies to juniors who could be in the middle of a growth spurt. It's always best to speak to one of the club coaches at SALT before purchasing any equipment. The club has suitable equipment for you to hire for a small fee each session until you feel you are ready for your own. Club members sometimes have old equipment for sale from time to time, but again you should only buy equipment which suits you.


When and where does the club shoot?

During the outdoor season from April - October, the club shoots on Sunday mornings at Shenley Leisure Centre on the sports field behind the tennis courts from 9:30 onwards (usually finish shooting around 2pm ). The field is very large with plenty of space to shoot any outdoor target distance. During the Indoor season from October - April the club moves into the large main sports hall also at Shenley Leisure Centre. Shooting time is Sundays 2:30pm - 5:30pm . The hall is easily big enough to shoot 20 yards indoor rounds.


What sort of archery do you do?

SALT is predominantly a target archery club, but promotes and encourages archery in all its main forms, (other than bow hunting). Recurve, Compound, Longbow and other traditional bow's are welcome. The club will often have a Clout shoot on bank holidays.


What if I shot years ago - do I need to do a refresher?

If you are an experienced archer but haven't shot for years, or have completed a beginners course some while ago, you may not need to do a refresher. When you come along to the club one of our club coaches will talk to you and also stay with you while you shoot the first few ends. This is just to see if you can shoot safely and have understanding of the rules of shooting.


Do you shoot in competitions ?

Yes, many of the club members attend tournaments throughout the year. All of the local, regional and also the larger tournaments are listed on the SALT Calendar found on the club website.


How big is the club?

The club is always growing, the overall membership currently stands at over 60 adults and over 30 juniors. But on an average club day there are usually around 25 seniors and 10 juniors shooting.


Can I shoot on my own at the club?

No, the club rules are that there has to be 2 adults present, with the person shooting being a member of the club.


What happens if it rains?

If it rains on a Sunday during the outdoor season, then it is up to you if you still wish to shoot. Archery is meant to be an all weather sport. The weather obviously isn't a problem during the indoor season.


Can members get coaching?

Yes, SALT is fortunate to have 5 Archery coaches. Regular coaching sessions are arranged as part of the shooting calendar for both juniors and seniors. If you wish to get further help then one on one coaching can easily be arranged.


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