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New Club Rules for Shooting Outdoors 

Our new venue is Brooksward School, Tower Drive, Milton Keynes, MK14 6JZ.


1. You must book a shooting slot - you will NOT BE ADMITTED if you have failed to book a slot.


(The email address for access to the online booking form is

2. Please ensure that you read the AGB guidance notes for Archers BEFORE arriving. AGB guidance notes

3. Please also read the following operational procedures in operation whilst on Brooksward School grounds.

Shenley Archers procedures when shooting at Brooksward School.


Procedure for entering the school grounds

Each member will have booked one of the two time slots before they can shoot, either Session One 9:30am to 12 or Session Two 12:30 till 14:00. Please stick to the times you have booked, once the field has been set up the gates will be locked until the end of the session.

The gates will be unlocked by the key holder (a member of the committee) who will replace the school lock with our combination lock and make sure it has been anti bac. There are three separate gates giving access to the shooting area, the field captain or a member of the committee will make sure these gates are all secure. The field captain will be responsible for keeping the register of all the archers who have booked and are present on the day. 


Parking and entering the field

Drive your car on to the tarmac area and park engine facing the hedge on your left, drive carefully around the net ball post. Walk to the shooting area via the gate on your right. When on the field walk left towards the wooden shed.

A waiting /equipment line will be marked out with the shooting line 5 meters in front, this leaves a big enough gap for social distancing and leaves a path way behind the shooting line allowing people to walk safely to the toilets. It is the responsibility of the archers in the first booking slot to set up the field, and the archers in the second slot to take down the field. It is the responsibility of all members to maintain social distance whilst on the field and hand sanitising especially after touching equipment, bosses and target faces.


Opening up the school

There are two keys and a fob required to open up the school.  The small key is used to open the first door and the chub key and fob to open and disengage the alarm system. This is the responsibility of the key holder and to ensure the school is locked up with the alarm at the end of the session.


Using the school toilets

Any member wishing to use the schools toilets should inform the field captain. The field captain or committee member will walk to the gate with you so as to let you back onto the field when you have finished. We do not have the combination code for the gate but there is a switch to open the gate on the field side.

There are the appropriate disinfectants, anti bac sprays and paper towels for the partitions, sinks and taps. Please do not put the paper towels down the toilet, dispose of them in the bins provided.

Finally, it is recommended that after leaving an outdoor shooting session all club members wash their hands and disinfect their equipment as soon as reasonably practical.

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