Shenley Archers Club Meeting for all Members - 02/08/2020

Dear fellow Archers, As everybody is probably aware, our outdoor shooting season this year has been severely disrupted due to circumstances beyond our control. As a committee, we have been trying to ascertain what the situation is with both the school and leisure centre as regards to re-opening and the resumption of archery. To this end, we have decided to hold a meeting of the whole club to explain the current situation and put forward a number of options with regard to resuming archery. I would encourage everybody to attend, so we can put the options to everybody at once and allow all club members to have their say. Please note:  THIS WILL NOT BE A MEETING ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS AND FUTURE PAYMENTS. This is to discuss future shooting arrangements only. If everybody could gather in the top car park at the leisure centre (where we normally park our cars on a Sunday Morning) at 11:00 am this Sunday (August 2nd). I expect the barrier will be across, so it may make sense to park over the road in Sainsburys or elsewhere. Bring a chair as well! If you know of any club member who I may have forgotten to include, please let them know about the meeting. Thanks. Paul Birch Secretary, SALT

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