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How to join us

We shoot all year round.

During the outdoor season which runs from April - September, we shoot on the large sports field at

Brooksward School, Neath Hill, MK14 6JZ. The club meets on Sunday mornings. 

During our indoor season from October - April, we shoot on Sunday afternoons at

Kents Hill Park Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, MK7 6BZ.

When you join Shenley Archers you will become an Archery GB member. This will provide you with insurance to shoot at Archery GB approved sites as well as some archery shops with ranges, and will allow you to enter local, regional and national competitions.

If you are not an Archery GB member or have never been one, you will need to go on one of our beginners courses. After successfully completing the four Sunday sessions you will be able to join our club. You are not required to get your own bow straight away as we can rent you our equipment for a time before you decide to get your own bow (and indeed decide which bow style you would like to shoot). Although we do recommend you invest in some of the smaller items of equipment such as quiver, arm guard, finger tabs, and stringer. Speak to one of the Coaches or any Committee Member for details of what you need and where to get them.

Junior minimum age 10 years old

Mother & Child Shooting Arrows

Beginners course

You will need to book a beginners course by contacting us directly. See full details on the News & Events > Beginners Course page.

Prior to the day we advise you to look at our "The Basics" page for you to learn some Archery basics which will enable us to go faster through the theory and practice more on the day.


Man Doing Archery

Becoming a member

Members of Archery GB can join our club by visiting us on a shooting day and meet our members.


Senior full year : £175

Junior full year: £85

Ad-Hoc member: £75 annual fee +£5 to per session attended

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