AGM and new outdoor shooting, a letter to all club members from the Secretary.

Evening archers! There are two things to notify you with this email. First, I am attaching the new shooting procedures for our new location (Brooksward school in Neath Hill). Please read and if you have any questions ask one of the committee. See New Rules page. By now, everybody should have been given a link to the new booking procedures - if not, drop me a line and I'll try to sort it out. Next, the club AGM has been set for September the 13th, again at our new location. AGM and last year's minutes are attached. These will be added to the website shortly. Please note that the committee will welcome any nominations for positions (all of which are available) and especially for that of secretary as I will be stepping down this year. And finally - nominations are requested for the Chairman's Cup - to be awarded to the club member who the rest of the club think has made the most contribution to the club -apart from the chairman who is not eligible. I will also be away for the AGM, so if anybody would like to volunteer to take the minutes?

Paul B

Club Secretary

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