Archery is back - Sunday 4th April - Outdoors at Brooksward School

Following the recent Government announcements, we can now re-open the club for outdoor shooting starting from the 4th April. Yes, I know this is Easter Sunday so as we’ll all be very rusty, the intention is to practice and have a bit of FUN. Easter eggs for juniors along with a bit of light hearted competition. I am so looking forward to shooting again and actually seeing everyone again!

As you are all aware, COVID has not simply gone away so all the rules which applied previously, will still apply. When handling the club equipment, please use gloves. Use the hand sanitiser and keep the proper distance from fellow archers and use masks where necessary. You must still book and Paul Birch has kindly added the new booking form. Please complete the distance you require and remember we start at the 20 yd distance from the left- hand side of the field.

The times for shooting have changed slightly to give session 2 more shooting time. Session 1 will end at 11.50am and session 2 will start at 12.00 noon. There is plenty of room on the field in the set-up area to maintain a 2-metre distance even if you are arriving to set up when others are taking down, but please do not turn up too early/too late. The 2ndsession will start at 12.00 regardless of who is there.

I look forward to seeing you on the 4th.

Regards, Chairman

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