Wow Terry I was only joking when I said "we should try shooting blindfolded"

Updated: May 11, 2020

Sure glad I never suggested standing on our heads or is that next month!

Every month Terry has kindly taken it upon himself to create a 6 Dart Challenge.

The task is to simply shoot 6 arrows at a target with a dart board face.

The person achieving the highest score each month wins a cash prize.

Terry started this to raise some additional funds for the club, with half the takings going in the club's coffers, the other half to the high scorer.

We've used our own bows, then club barebows, jellybows and onto imitatting a disability into the mix.

Whilst I only hit 1 out of 6 arrows (I will improve next week honest !) it was a thrill to hear the one arrow hit the target and I can understand how blind or partial sighted persons can enjoy this sport.

Well done Terry.

Back on the normal targets, my week ended 4 points short of the elusive 500 on a 3 spot Portsmouth round; still as Val continually reminds me its just a bit of fun, right!

Till the next time, shoot straight

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