an important message about shooting on 6th March

Just a reminder to everyone about the club shoot on the 6th March. Although it will be run as a competition, it won’t actually be a competition as such. The idea is to give everybody the chance to experience how a competition is actually run and so, if anyone enters a competition, they will have some experience to look back on to help them. The main difference will be that at the end, we will not be announcing scores or positions so if that is what is holding anybody back, please be assured that nobody will know your score apart from those on your target.

So a big thank you to all those who have already entered, and a reminder to everyone else that places will be limited on the day to a maximum of 36 archers and if you want to shoot on the day, you have to send an email to stating your bow type and any requests for target companions- (but I can’t guarantee that your wishes will be granted).

Any questions, please send them to me (address as above).

The closing date for entries is the 1stMarch and the target lists will be sent out on the 3rd March.

Paul B

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